Black Lives Matter

by Dizhwar

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Black Lives Matter its self explanatory Coming off the Brain Food EP 2015


Black Lives Matter

I have the freedom to do things
What it is that it matter.
Hate in his blood
Calling the dispatcher.
Already had it planned
Black man racially profiled.
Sloooow down
I'm being followed I turn around.
Up in my circumference
I feel threaten.
Murdered or sentenced
If I can prove I have no weapon.
All ready black
Me verse the system sucks.
Should I fight back
Or turn around and run.......

Trayvon Martin Mike Brown
Eric Garner (they all laying on ground).
(Damn son) they was murdered
For no reason.
What the hell
These white folks be thinking?

Heart heavy on the soul
When you know there's no justice.
Hoody on my head
Assume I'm worth nothing.
Wishing it was all a dream.
The system- sickening
Just like paula dean
Jordan Davis murdered
Where's my civil rights.
Marissa got 20 yrs
Over a domestic fight.
The picture about this
Most of our killers are white.
In a black disguise
To blind us from the light.....

Sean Bell Jordan Davis Oscar Grant
They killing our black men.
And getting away with it
Like they admit they did it.
I see our skin
Really makes no difference........


released April 15, 2015
Prod By Blunted Beatz




Dizhwar New York, New York

Love the game but hate the politics is my motto. My GRIMEY brothers know me as Durty Rob and my CONSCIOUS brothers know me as Dizhwar or Divine Rule Supreme. I've been in this game for quite some time and went through the triple stages but been underground in a booth just carrying out the right message. I'm not a rapper I write rhymes. This is my hobby so that means no money involved in my craft. ... more

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